Sunday, August 5, 2012

Still the One

Happy Anniversary, Baby!  11 years ago, today, I walked down the aisle on my Dad's arm.  He told me I was the best daughter he could ask for, and I helped him walk in time to the music.  My Uncle Frank photographed us; Dad looking dapper and glassy-eyed, me looking nervous and giddy.  There is a photograph, taken a few minutes before the ceremony, of us seeing each other for the first time that day.  My eyes are closed as we embrace, desperately seeking each other for reassurance in the madness of a 450 person wedding.  At that moment, you told me I was beautiful, and you must have gotten something in your eyes because tough, Macedonian boys don't cry.  I remember thinking that in holding you, I was hanging on to all I'd ever need.  

Just look at us!  In this picture we are two college kids at the beach.  You flew in for my senior formal, looking lean and delicious in your baggy jeans (do you still have them??).  I was pretty and round from too much cafeteria food and late night pizza.  In less than a year, we would be married. Did we have any idea how hard it would be?  No.  If we had, we might not have done it.  But looking back, I know that it was the best decision that I've ever made...second only to the decision for Christ.  None of this journey went the way we thought it would.  Didn't follow our adolescent plans.  You know what?  It is so much better than I ever could have hoped for.  

When we were newlyweds, I used to wish that we had the same interests or vision for the future, but in my maturity, I have come to treasure what we have.  It is a love that only gets better with age.  You are still the one who can make my cheeks flush just by thinking about you.  You still make me laugh harder than anyone at the ridiculous sense of humor you passed on to Savannah (poor kid).  You still are the most selfless, tender hearted person I know.  And I love that I am the only one who knows that closely guarded secret. Thank you for always trying to love me better, even after 16 years together.  I may not be great at too many things, but I am great at loving you.  After all, honey, I was born to do it!


  1. Happy Anniversary to the both of you. I wish you many more.

  2. Happy Anniversary!! Praying the next 89 years are just as wonderful!