Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Little Help, Please.

How are things?  I mean, how is life treating you lately?  My family and I are doing surprisingly well.  Surprisingly, because we have some really sucky, stressful stuff to look forward to in the month of April.  I honestly thought that by now, I would be an absolute basket case, taking all sorts of medication, smoking, and sporting a Fantastic Sam's haircut.  I envisioned someone finding my unwashed body submerged under piles of laundry and cheap romance novels, stained by my Cheetos fingers.  But, fortunately for everyone, that is not the case!  Let's take a strengths based approach at catching you up, shall we?
  •  I have yet to beat my children and spring break has ended.  This is no small feat. Now them beating up on each other...that's a whole other thing.  
  • My 5K for the Cottage was fabulous and I am still running!  Running has saved me in the last month.  I am terrible at it, apparently have the worst possible feet our Lord created for this sport, and wear all sorts of unflattering, compression gear, but man, do I ever love it.  When it's just me, my ipod, and my dog friend, Fred (a.k.a. the rape whistle) sailing through our neighborhood at night, I am free.  
  • We are all healthy (at least we were until I just jinxed us by typing those words.) 
  • The kids took the recent loss of our dearly, beloved cat very, very well.  The only indication of any trauma is that Lilah likes to role play "the vet" and tells all of her animal patients that they should expect to either receive a prescription or die during their visit.  Yikes!  
  • I have a rock solid support network of family and friends who listen to me rant and rave about our current stresses, and compassionately tell me when I am being entirely unreasonable, which is a lot of the time.  
  • In ways big and small, I can see God's fingerprints on our lives every single day. He fills me up with this reassurance that says, "Don't you know everything is going to be just fine?" This is miraculous in the face of logic and reason that says, "You're headed for hell in a hand basket!"  Like my cousin says, "Choose faith over fear."  
  • Encouragement has come from the most surprising places.  It may be a text that says, "I am praying for your beautiful family!" or the stranger who sat next to us at the pharmacy the other day and commented, "You know, you sure are a loving mother."  Wow.  Way to make my whole year, buddy!  Can I package you up, take you home, and pull you out when I'm feeling crumby?
The only signs that I am floundering under the pressure of our cruddy month are as follows:
  • I spend a lot of time looking at my forehead in the mirror and wondering whether I should get botox or cut bangs.  These are dangerous thoughts because I could end up looking like this (been there, done that)

or even worse, this.

 Sorry, lady, but it ain't good.
  • I spend suspicious amounts of time looking at this website that dares to ask the question, "Should Christians get tattoos?" Heck ya, they should!!  I have mine filed away just in case the day should come when Hubby says, "Let's call a babysitter and go get some ink!" Or of course, if he runs away from home; in which case, my mid life crisis will officially begin. 
  • I am consuming copious amounts of chocolate and caffeine.  In fact, I think I have developed a new antidepressant made up of these two ingredients! 
  • My house tends to be in a barely contained state of disarray...the laundry is now master of our bedroom. 
  • My prayers usually sound something like this: "Please, please, please..." or "Thank you, thank you, thank you..."  
But, you know what?  All things considered, I am blessed and I know it.  Everyday, I wake up with the realization that my kids are safe and happy, my husband still loves me despite my imperfections, and I am surrounded by really wise, loyal people who keep me grounded and lift me up.  I will leave you with a message that I have saved from a great friend in our church small group because it perfectly sums up what I love about my friends.  
"I thought of this story this morning that paints an amazing picture. It's about Moses from the Old Testament. Moses and his men were in battle. And, for whatever reason, if Moses was holding up his staff, his side was winning. When he lowered it, they started getting defeated. He obviously got tired and was unable to hold his arms up any longer. A couple of guys decided to help him out. They found a rock for him to sit on and they held his arms up for him. What I'm trying to say is, you are not alone. I will help hold your arms up. Our small group will help you hold your arms up. You will not be defeated." 
Maybe life is throwing a lot on your plate right now and you need someone to hold your arms up.  Or maybe you just have this one thing that's weighing you down. If that's the case, let me know.  I would love to pray for you!  After all, we are all in this together. 




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  1. Best post ever! I, too, am holding up your arms, sweet girl! XO