Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Ugh! 3 Year Olds

I think this picture pretty much says it all. God tests my patience every day with Lilah Rose. He put this pint sized person in my life who is tougher than nails, hilarious, flawlessly polite to everyone but me and her Dad, sassy, and above all, my little snuggle bug. Every night around 2 am, I feel a warm little body creep into my bed and snuggle up next to me. My favorite part is feeling her hot breath on my cheek!
God also happened to make her a beautiful little girl. You may not be able to tell under the teenage camo, but she is a vision of brown eyed beauty. I have no doubt that He did this to save her life!! Lately, she has taken to screaming every time, I mean every time we get into the car. My husband commented that this is annoying but...manageable. Really?! I reminded hubby that it would be like him driving the 45 minutes to work every morning with some dude in the backseat screaming, "I don't like you anymore! What's that smell? My seat belt's toooo tight! Take me back to Chicago!" the entire time. I think he gets it now.
Here is what I have taken away from the morning madness: I owe my mother a big apology! Because God gave me a tiny copy of my moody self. My mother used to say, "When Katie is good, she's very, very, good and when she's naughty, she's very, very, naughty!" Ain't that the truth. So I have to trust that she too will come out of her childhood appreciating her mother and knowing how loved she is. Until the trying threes pass, I will grin and bare it. And turn up Grace Potter REALLY FREAKIN LOUD when behind the wheel!


  1. LOVED this post! It made me laugh a lot! I love my Lilah Rosie--you know she's an angel for her Auntie. Just like how Laine is a little bitch over here and then she goes to your house and acts like Mother Theresa. Go figure!

  2. I think of it as payback. It does my heart good to know your getting a taste of your own young selves. And, it will pass. Love you.

  3. I turn the music up really loud too(;