Wednesday, December 14, 2011

An Unexpected Gift

This year I got an unexpected birthday present.  Well, let's be honest, I got many. Let's see; relocation to Georgia? Check.  Shiny new job for my husband? Check.  Buying a house two miles from one of my favorite people in the whole world?  Check.  Church group that I adore?  Check.  Living within driving distance of my mom and dad?  Check.
I'm not gloating, I swear! It's just that you need to appreciate where I was a year ago; desperately unhappy, frightened for our future, and thinking that I might need to moonlight at Mickey Dee's just to pay the mortgage.  I was praying for a miracle. Then the Lord, in His goodness, gave us like twenty.  I would not trade one minute of the hardship our family endured for the last couple of years (my husband would disagree!) because it gave me such tremendous gratitude for God's provisions for my family and His faithfulness.
Enough of the Hallmark stuff.  I digress!  If you haven't already, meet Fred.  His is the sweet mug featured above.  About two months ago, I dragged my husband kicking and screaming to the Athens K-9 rescue adoption event at Pawtropolis.  I had been not so subtlely dropping hints (demands) for a K-9 friend.  Hubby hemmed and hawed but came to the adoption center.  And then it happened.  From across a crowded room, I saw that sweet furry face and it was puppy love at first sight.  Freddy's fur was longer, making his ears look especially droopy and he was very shy, shaking and whimpering next to his foster mom.  When asked what energy level I was looking for in a dog I literally said, "half-dead".  You see, my children were afraid of dogs and had little tolerance for jumping and moving in general.  Freddy seemed to be the perfect fit for our family.  I assumed that he was an old man b/c he looked so tired and haggard.  No one could understand my immediate connection to Freddy, but I knew he was meant for me.
Our family went home dogless and deadlocked in the debate over Freddy. Being a tiny bit sneaky, I filled out an online application for him, but out of guilt confessed that my husband was not 100% on board (to put it mildly).  Hubby appeased me by agreeing to revisit the subject after we sold our home in Chicago.  Disappointed, I put the idea out of my head and tried to behave like a 33 year old women.
You can imagine my surprise when one month later, I opened the front door and there was the adoption volunteer from the shelter with Freddy in her arms.  "Happy Birthday!" she shouted.  I knew one thing for certain in that moment.  My husband loves me selflessly and deeply.  What a guy!  He will be reaping the rewards of that decision for a LONG time.
Turns out Fred was no old man, but a puppy.  And as far as the "half dead" business...HA!  Freddy is a miniature schnauzer- need I say more?  Pretty damn energetic; like actually achieves levitation from the ground energetic.  But I am not complaining.  
Fred is now my fur baby. He is the furry son I never had; only better because he can't speak!  What is more unconditional and perfect than the love of a dog?  My mom voiced her doubts asking, "Do you really want one more thing to take care of?" Now, she freely admits that she was wrong.  It is such a relief at the end of a busy day, to curl up in bed with Fred, who wants nothing from me other than my affection, and enjoy the SILENCE.  He follows me around wherever I go and sleeps every night above my head on a stack of pillows.  I love everything about him...except the tootsie rolls he tries to swipe from the litter box.  I love his stinky doggy smell.  I love that his paws smell like popcorn.  I love his scruffy face, especially when he's got bedhead.  I love that he thinks I'm the coolest person he knows.  I love that he doesn't snap at the three year olds that pull on his beard.  And I love his sturdy, warm, little body.
So if you know my husband and you happen to see him, give him a pat on the back and let him know that his wife thinks he's the bee's knees.  And for the love of God, give me some ideas for his birthday! 


  1. How perfectly wonderful. I am as happy for Fred as I am for you. What a lovely gesture

  2. Oh just beautiful!!! So happy for you!


  3. PS. Need your new address. Can you email it to me?....

  4. I love Freddy!! And you're right..he is a perfect fit for your family. It was meant to be!! And I cannot even express how much I adore Boris for doing this. He is a great guy and he loves to see his wife happy!! Me too. :)