Friday, January 20, 2012


Have you ever been in a season of your life that you just know is special?  I have had some amazing friends in my life during stormy seasons and that was an incredible gift.  They have been the flotation device that kept me afloat.  Let me just say THANK YOU to them. But now, I am experiencing something different.  I am enjoying a springy, sunny season, which after the rain, makes me all the more aware of how fortunate we are when we are surrounded by people who really CARE.  This occurred to me the other night at our small group from church.  
I have wanted to join a small group for years, but Hubby was, shall we say...reluctant.  He grew up Macedonian Orthodox and the church group gatherings he remembers always involved loud accordian music, circle dancing, socializing (they even have a bar built into the church- sweet!!) To say that he was feeling a bit out of his element when I dragged him to our first small group meeting is an understatement, friends.  But he soon discovered that we would not be passing out religious tracts or handling rattlers, so he agreed to join.
We recently had separate boys' and girls' nights out (we usually meet as couples at each others houses).  The pictures above are from our night of potluck appetizers, games, and an impromptu baby shower for one of the ladies.  The silliness and immature behavior that went on at this event was just ridiculous...and exactly what we all needed!  The highlight of the night was the river dance stylings of one lady...I will not name names, but she will dance for queso dip.  
Hubby and I are so fortunate to know these people.  God has blessed us that way since we met.  We have always had tough, loyal, (and most importantly) hilarious people to call friends.  I am a firm believer in quality over quantity when it comes to picking friends.  You can shop the happy hour social circle and find slim pickings in the midst of a busy social schedule, but I will pick the three or four great people to hang out with any day of the week.   And twice on Sunday (sorry, always wanted to say that).
If you are not familiar with a small church group A.K.A. community or life group, here's how they work.  We meet for two hours every Wednesday at somebody's house.  We talk about God, our faith, our spiritual walk through life, our hurts and disappointments, our laughter and joy, and our mundane day to day routine.  We pray for each other.  We give advice when needed. We laugh.  We disagree.  We cry.  All stuff that everybody needs.  Because everybody wants to be seen and heard, right?
The girls were sharing our highs and lows the other night (part of our end of the night routine) and I had an AHA! moment.  I watched the expressions on the girls' faces as they were listening to each person share and realized something. They are really listening and they really care!! Not just waiting for their turn to talk and pretending to listen, but listening with big smiles on their faces or frown lines, depending on the story.  And that is GOLDEN.  Don't you think?  That is the difference between superficial friendships and the real deal.  
Everybody deserves to have a group of people that they can call up and ask for help when the going gets rough.  I know I'm a broken record here, but I wish that so deeply for my girls when they are women.  
To my friends near and far, whether you come to my house on a Wednesday night, or you see my kids every day, or you live 600 miles away, I love you.  Thank you!



  1. What a bunch of hotties! Who are these amazing women?? Love you right back, Kate!

  2. Love our group; feel truly blessed to be a part of it.

  3. Your group sounds amazing!!!!

    Loving you also...600 miles away,