Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tune In!

What are you listening to these days?  I ask because I recently had a radio related crisis.  Yes, a crisis.  You see, when I told people that I was moving to an area near Athens, GA, all I heard about was the music scene.  Athens is the birthplace of REM!  Athens is the home of the B52's!  The list goes on.  Athens has been a mecca of alternative rock and literally hundreds of indie bands since the 1950's.  Quite an impressive history to a music lover like me.  But as much as I would love to explore the live music scene these days, it ain't happening.  
When you have a three year old and a five year old, an exciting, culture filled evening out is a trip to the Cinebar.  Don't get me wrong, I love this season of my life!  I could not be more fulfilled than I am right now, but this lady is not going to be exploring the Athens' nightlife anytime soon. 
As a "homemaker" (barf- I hate that word), I spend at least half of my day driving, toting people to and from schools and activities.  Music makes these miles bearable, even enjoyable! So you can understand my disappointment when I found not-a-one good radio station in Athens, the place where music is supposed to be alive and well.  I tirelessly scanned the radio waves, looking for something...anything...original.  I was looking to feed my soul and instead I got a steady diet of junky, bubble gum pop, crammed down my throat, reeking of big corporations.  You know the stuff, the kind of mass produced crap that runs the same 40 songs on autopilot.   These stations are exactly the same from state to state, and clearly appeal to the under 30 audience, which makes sense when you live in a college town.  But what about the rest of us geezers? Why should I be subjected to Pink, Rihanna, Lady G, and Maroon 5 ALL DAY LONG?  I started playing this game with myself where I would randomly switch my auto programmed stations to see if I could catch a song playing on two stations at once.   I won... A LOT!
Then a miracle occurred!  I found 92.9 DAVE FM after living here for almost six months.  It was as if the heavens opened.  Hallelujah!  A real, live radio station that rarely repeats itself and amuses me with hundreds of songs from different decades that I would actually like to remember!  My soul soared as the sounds of Van Morrison, Mayer Hawthorne, Ryan Adams, The Black Crowes, The Police, and Bob Marley washed over me.  
I know that I am perched on a soapbox here.  I believe that great music can work miracles.  It can make a soccer mom or "homemaker" feel sexy and subversive.  It can literally boost your immune system.  It can make you laugh and shock you!  It can transport you back to a beautiful season of your life.  It can give you a sweet moment with someone you love.  It can help to heal a broken relationship.  Need I say more?
Next time you are in the car, check out the stations lurking below the 96.0 mark on your dial.  That's where the good ones always seem to be hiding.   And don't forget to sing along loudly! 


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  1. Great post Cous! I LOVE this station and I'm so glad you turned me onto it. I haven't been disappointed with one song yet! xo